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Blogger has finally addressed the serious deficit in its comments settings… We can now reply to individual comments! So glad to have stumbled upon this, via Danielle of Sometimes Sweet.

The carpet is going – we ordered our new floors yesterday! We went with laminate hardwoods, in order to keep things affordable and match the new construction vibe of our house. The plan is to cover the entire downstairs and the bedrooms upstairs. Chris is going to be putting them in himself, all 1600 square feet of them… things are about to get interesting up in here.

We’re finally moving forward with a blog redesign! A new name & a new look are on the way. Can’t wait to see what Jessi does! Stay tuned for more info.

After a few months off, monthly ad space sponsorship is back! I’m seriously considering attending BlogHer in NYC this year, and I humbly invite you to support me in this dream. Email me for more information & rates.

Lastly, I convinced Chris to go pink in the bedroom! He painted the wall opposite our bed. Red is the main accent color in our room, so I acted a lot more confident than I felt. I am SO pleased with the result!

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  1. Your room looks fabulous!! I Love the color!

    I can’t wait to see what you do with your floors. We are still considering on what to do with the main level of our TH, Scott owned this place for 8+ years and before we were married (2 years ago) rented it out to a ton of Campus Crusade guys who attended the college across the street. Scott grew up with a bunch of them. They are wonderful, but we had a ton of college parties and gatherings here so our carpet is just a college carpet. Which is great while Judah is in the “lets make a mess on the carpet” stage. Not so great when I have “grown up” people over and I want my house to look pretty ;-)

    Im considering on going to blogher as well, my husband mentioned it to me, I figured it would be a nice way to meet you ladies and have some much needed girl time…I need girl time!

  2. Love the wall. I wish there was an event like Blogher in Australia. Have fun with the floors; we sanded and polished ours ourself. Let me just say it is not something I EVER want to repeat. Although I do have distinct memories of being sick with the flu and my husband deciding that would be a good time to do it, so it was probably worse than is could’ve been. Can’t wait to see the result!

  3. My hubby and I did all of the laminate wood flooring in our 1500 square foot house and while it was hard work, it is so worth it! We’ve had them for over 3 years now and they still look so great.

    And responding to comments…how do you do that? Can’t seem to figure it out!

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