a book signed, a seed planted

I stumbled upon Jenna Weber’s new release during a recent trip to the bookstore. I recognized her name as one of my fellow community leaders at Influence next month, so I snapped a photo of the display with the advertising for her upcoming book signing. I emailed it to her with a note, “looking forward to meeting you!” She wrote back almost immediately – something cute about being excited to meet me and nervous about her tour. I put the book signing event in my calendar and made sure to get to it. Jenna balanced bubbly and shy just right – my kind of girl.
I left with my signed copy of White Jacket Required and headed for the nearest coffee shop. Chris told me not to come home until I’d had some time to myself. I found myself almost immediately sucked in to Jenna’s world. Her writing style is so relaxed, and yet it captivates. She uses simple stories to paint a picture of what her last few years have looked like and yet, the book reads like a novel – with delicious recipes to boot.
I honestly didn’t mean for this post to turn into a book review, although I highly recommend hers! I’m not even halfway through the thing and I love it. I was more so struck with the idea that we all have something to share. If you’re keeping count, this brings my “currently reading list” to two different bloggers’ books. What does that mean for me? I don’t know. I don’t even have an idea for a book. I barely have the time for the writing contest at work that everyone’s talking about.
If this blog is it, you’ll see no complaints here. I’m perfectly content to share the moments that stand out, and live in the moments that don’t. I just want to remember things and encourage people. But as technology advances and my friends write big things and I learn about things like influence and branding, I can’t help but wonder what’s in store for my words.