welcome home, avery… 2.0

I’ve written this paragraph over and over again, trying my best to stay transparent and still protect the jewel that is Christopher Avery Kincaid. Last week, we made the decision to pull our ten-year-old out of school again. For those who weren’t with us during the twins’ pregnancy, he spent the 2010-2011 school year at home and returned last year. He was quite successful, and even tested into the gifted & talented program this fall. He was assigned the same teachers that his older brother loved so dearly just a few years ago, and we thought we’d passed the issues that arose so long ago. But alas, they’ve reared their ugly heads again. This time, we’re being proactive. Chris & I met with the boys’ mom for a lengthy discussion this past weekend, and we’ve all landed on the same page.

All of the people who love and support him agree that Avery needs a different kind of environment, although we’re not quite sure what that looks like. Who knows – maybe homeschooling is a permanent solution? I’m certainly warming up to the idea of keeping the babies at home when their time comes. For now, we’ll take it year by year with Avery. We will remind ourselves that he needs affection and attention in a way no other child of ours does. We will challenge him when he grows bored and give him freedom when he needs an outlet. We will meet his needs and protect his heart to the best of our ability, as he grows at his own pace. We will speak life into this boy. Over and over. On a daily basis. As long as it takes.

13 thoughts on “welcome home, avery… 2.0”

  1. I’m sorry public schools didn’t work out for him, how amazing he it he has parents (all 3 of you!) who are stepping up to do what’s best for him. He seems like such an amazing kid!

  2. Rachael, that was so beautifully written! ? Christopher is blessed and will thank you all someday for being his advocates, his guides, his teachers. You guys rock!

  3. Sometimes what works for one kid just doesn’t for another. You guys will figure out what’s best for him, and I’m sure he’ll really excel once he’s in the right environment. Good luck!

  4. well said! your heart is beautiful for your kiddos! prayers for you as you begin this new adventure! i was homeschooled for a few years growing up as were my brothers at different stages, depending on our needs/desires. like someone else said, what works for one… may not be the solution for the other. you guys are doing a good job!

  5. This boy. How fortunate he is to have a family who loves him so. Your writing exudes love and kindness and understanding. What an inspiration in a world where co-parents are so often at war with each other.

  6. 1- both of your stepsons are going to be heartbreakers!
    2- you guys are an awesome example to those of us who’s children aren’t grown yet! it’s great to see that there are alternatives to traditional american schooling. thanks for your openness!

  7. I really appreciate that you were open to homeschooling, when public school didn’t work, but that you didn’t write off public schools altogether. I also appreciate that you are so watchful over your children, that Avery is back to homeschooling. You are great parents!

  8. If I wrote back to each comment, I’d feel like I was repeating myself over and over. Blown away by your positive feedback and support, especially for the multi-parent system we have going on. It’s been a long road, but we’re making the best of it and I hope Avery reaps the best of the benefits soon!

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