thrifty threads: the sisters’ second

After grabbing bagels and unsuccessfully shopping for baby dolls (do they all make noise or do gross things?!), we spent most of the girls’ birthday on a picnic blanket in our front yard. After naps, we headed into town for dinner and ice cream. They seemed to enjoy themselves. It was pretty perfect.


My mom picked up these frocks at a consignment shop in a sleepy old golf town, while on a trip with my dad. The sandals are Saltwaters, from Amazon. They’ve been running great sales on them lately. These are size Infant 3 and still a bit big. Can you believe how tiny their feet are?

Happy Birthday, sweet girls!

9 thoughts on “thrifty threads: the sisters’ second”

  1. My daughter just turned 18 months and she is growing out of her size 6 boots! ;) She has HUGE feet! Your girls are so sweet! Sounds like a great birthday!

  2. Corolle dolls are not super creepy dolls. Only weird thing is that their faces smell like vanilla which is initially creepy but then you start to appreciate it. My girls LOVE them!

  3. These pictures are killing me with cuteness! Also, couldn’t agree more about dolls these days.Either they’re dressed in crazy clothes and wacky make up, or “do” things that are a little too real. The American Girl dolls seem a little better, though, so you may wanna research those. Happy 2nd, girls!

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