new year, new look

Things are starting to look a little different around here! After over a year of the same old same old, it was definitely time for something fresh and new.

Since these posts are no longer letters to Ames, I figured the blog’s name should follow suit…
The only problem is, I have no idea what to call this thing!

We often refer to ourselves as the Kincaid Parade. And you know how I feel about pigeons. I thought about combining the two ideas. Pigeon Parade? Pigeons on Parade?

Then I thought about using just my name. But nobody ever spells my names right to begin with. Would you even be able to find my blog? And shouldn’t I at least try to come up with something witty & fun?

I can’t make it all crunchy, either. Because I like french fries.

Help me (re)name this blog?
I’d like to be able to actually put the money & effort into re-designing it properly!

20 thoughts on “new year, new look”

  1. I like Kincaid Parade as well. So catchy and memorable. You could still use the pigeon logo…maybe a whole “Parade” of them! Haha. :) Can’t wait to see how the blog looks! I’ve always loved reading this blog and that isn’t gonna change!!

  2. Kincaid parade or pigeon parade are both fabulous – you can’t go wrong with either – pigeon parade keeps your family name not so much the focus and could possibly be seen as more of a brand as opposed to just a family blog. But that said – I think there are ways to do Kincaid parade on a more branded scale as well.

  3. Hi! I agree with the Kincaid Parade.

    I just wanted to say hello as well since I am a new follower of your blog, and a new mom of a 4 month little boy (Aimar). We live in Terrassa, a small town near Barcelona (Spain). Since I’ve been spending lots of time at home these past months (maternity leave’s here are longer than in the US, we have 16 weeks by law, I can’t believe how it must feel to go back to work after 5 or 6 weeks, I was just finding myself around breastfeeding by then!) and have discovered a new “mama’s world” through blogs and internet. I specially like yours, and would like to congratulate you on all your achievements, I am completely impressed by how you manage it all. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences.
    Cheers and happy new year!

  4. OH I so totally vote Kincaid Parade too! It rhymes and is suuuuper easy to remember and how awesome of a blog name that involves the truth of your life! You really are family that has that vibe <3 :D :D :D and Use pigeons in the logo fo' sure! :D

  5. Pleeease keep “Letters to Ames”! I love it, and it’s where it all began. Maybe you can add a tag-line, like “Letters to Ames… and then some” Maybe design the blog so that the title is “Letters to Ames” and beneath it is “…and then some”?

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