thrifty threads: flirting with big brother

The arsenic hour, we call it. 4pm-7pm, when you’re trying to make it through the afternoon and dinner hour without injury or meltdown. Over the last few months, our arsenic hour has become a precious time. Avery especially seems to thrive. He cherishes the hour he gets alone with all of us, before Lucas gets home from school. One of his favorite things to do is get the girls up from their afternoon nap. They love it, too. On this particular afternoon, Avery scooped Honor out of her crib and put her with Isaiah, inventing some pacifier game somewhere along the way.

Avery is wearing two shirts from Target. If it were up to him, he’d wear the same basketball shorts and oversized tee 24/7. After bit of parental coaching, though, he’s done a great job of picking out his own outfits each morning.

The girls’ dresses are both thrifted. My goal is to put them in these frocks (and only these frocks, if I have it my way) until they tell me to stop! If y’all come across sweet dresses, let me know! I have a self-imposed budget of eight bucks or less per dress.

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  1. I love your blog and read it regularly. I don’t ever comment but read from afar admiring your words and stories and conviction. Anyways, if you are interested (which you might be) I have a little kiddo vintage store over on Etsy. I try to keep prices affordable, because I hate when I come across items I can’t afford myself. My little shop is named ‘Kiki and Jules’ – you can find me here: (I try to thrift and post new items regularly) … keep up the awesome work, Mama! I can’t even imagine how it is with twins.

  2. I totally lucked out on a frock at Goodwill on Friday… only 1.99! It’s so sweet… I’ve actually got pictures of all my Goodwill finds that I plan to post about either tonight or tomorrow.

    I never thought I would like a frock on my little one, but she looks like a baby doll in them, and who can say no to that?

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