I posted about this on Twitter a few days back, and several of you asked for the recipe. Now…I am by no means a foodie, I don’t own a juicer, & I’m sure a ton of you already do this.┬áBut I recently discovered a new & delicious way to serve kale, and I wanted to share with those who asked.


what you need:
A bunch of kale (Literally. that’s how it’s sold.)
A blender
A mason jar

how you prepare:
Wash kale. This might involve some soaking, as it’s very leafy!
Throw it in the blender.
Play around with settings. Chris ended up taking it down to “sauce.”
Add some water or applesauce to soften things up.

how you store/serve:
Keep it in the fridge in a mason jar.
Add it to applesauce for a tangy treat!
You can also use it in smoothies, or even mac & cheese.
It’s an easy way to get greens into kid’s diets.

other kale musings:
I also mix kale with mustard greens. I simmer them in apple cider vinegar and chicken broth.
Avery went from calling it KRILL to KELP, and I hope he never corrects himself.
We all enjoy it, and I’m glad I discovered it for fall & winter!

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