things my kids say 6.0 – a farmhouse edition

I ran out of Zofran two nights ago, and we decided to give it a few days before I refilled the prescription for the third time. I’ve never taken it during pregnancies past, and my nausea has always subsided by around this time. Yesterday, I woke up queasy but made it downstairs for some fresh fruit and iced coffee before it turned into anything serious. This morning, I actually woke up feeling much better. I even thought I might be able to catch a few more minutes of sleep…

Wrong. I hadn’t so much as turned to my other side when I felt it coming. The hot tingly cheeks, the drool forming, the panic. So I did what I usually do. I clamped my hand over my mouth, told myself to get it together, and hurried downstairs for some sustenance. I pounded a handful of Cheerios while Chris prepared my iced coffee, and then I stepped outside. Barefoot, into the 40-degree weather. Because it usually works. This time, it did not.

I made it back inside just in time to pull my hair back and mumble, “I’m sorry Lucas” before I lost my guts in the kitchen sink. I turned the water on in hopes that my family would be able to finish their breakfast and lunch-making (am I grossing you out yet?). I heard Chris tell the eldest, “Don’t worry about it. Just keep moving.”

When I’d finished…

Me: I’m so sorry, Lucas.
Lucas: S’okay. Whatever it takes to get that little baby out!
Me: Do you have your gym bag packed?
Lucas: Yep.
Me: Alright, buddy. Sorry once again.
Lucas: Love you.

Today, we’re making a new kitchen sink our own. But not before we refill a certain prescription. Lord-willing, it will serve in the area of kitchen duties only!

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  1. Awww man! I hope you get to feeling better so soon so you can get settled in to the new place! I’m thankful that I’ve never thrown up during this pregnancy yet, or for the last 1o years of my life. haha


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