the baby steps that made me cry

Growing up, my dad often referred to a “victory log” whenever we encountered a proud moment. He encouraged us to write big moments down, as a way for us to look back on where we’ve been. Victory logs remind us of who we are. They tell us that we mean something, that we’re going somewhere.

But words can’t really do justice to the progress these girls are making right now! Instead, I put together a (very humble, very amateur, very short) video.┬áChris and I have never really listened to Mumford & Sons before, but he’s working on one of their tunes for church. It was playing in the background when he captured some of this footage on his phone. The lyrics are pretty perfect, huh?

This is for your victory log, sweet sisters.
Someday, this will remind you of who you are.
This will remind you that mean something, that you’re going somewhere.
Because you do. And you are.

34 thoughts on “the baby steps that made me cry”

  1. so beautiful! My heart LOVES these girls and your sweet family. thank you for sharing your heart with all of us in this real life internet world.

  2. And here I am, sitting at my desk at work, crying with you! Such beautiful things He is doing. Keep watching!

    Now off to download some Mumford and Sons…

  3. So beautiful! I’ve followed your blog from around the time you announced your pregnancy with the sisters. And now I am crying, but crying tears of joy.

  4. This brought tears to my eyes. I know this was so heavy on your heart just a few short weeks ago. So happy for the literal strides they are making. BTW, Mumford & Sons was my labor soundtrack for my homebirth with Olive in February. Something in their sound makes my soul ache. I believe that their parents are pastors for a UK Vineyard church.

  5. Amazing video of your beautiful girls! I have been following their story on your blog for a while now and I just wanted to encourage you. I haven’t gone through anything similar so I can’t say I understand how hard it must be at times but just know that God never gives us struggles that we don’t have the strength to overcome. You are an amazing mum and your kiddies are so blessed to have you.

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