introducing… 52

When I met Christopher, he was a single dad in survival mode. In addition to managing a retail store, he put in an extra forty hours a week from home, in his recording studio. If you had the cash, he’d produce your music. Tons and tons projects came out of this season, with everything from rockabilly folk to heavy metal – literally. Some of the bands were rather interesting, but they helped pay the bills. Each experience also helped mold him into the artist he is today. He has become a talented producer, a meticulous recording engineer, and an inspiring singer/songwriter.

Over the years, the entrepreneurial aspects of his music slowed. We got married, we moved several times, our finances roller coaster-ed, our jobs changed, and our family grew. At first, Chris cut his business back to focus on his own music. Then, he cut back on his own projects to focus on his new job as a worship director. He’s had to learn new programs and software, as well as an entire repertoire of other people’s tunes.

A few months ago, someone at church stopped me to ask if Chris “ever writes any of his own music.” I was shocked. Surely, they knew who he was and what he’d been doing around town for the last fifteen years?! I had to remind myself that we were pretty far removed from that season, as well as the local music scene. I had to be honest with myself – I didn’t like the way that felt. As hard as it is living with and relating to an artist when you’re aren’t one… I know that’s what he was born to do. I felt like we had to make time for him to create again.

I could sense it in Christopher, too. We’d have short but intense conversations about what it would look like to force his gift into his daily routines and schedules. Something was definitely stirring, but I could tell he didn’t want to press the issue. Neither one of us has much free time, and I know he doesn’t want to rock the boat by asking for my blessing to lock himself in his studio for hours on end.

I’ll let you read the details on his site, but I’m excited to announce the birth of 52. I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited for Christopher’s music.¬†This project is going to take him to new heights, and he’s sharing the ride with the rest of us. Tuesdays never sounded so good!

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  1. Christopher sacrificed his music for your family and now you’re going out of your way to help him get back to it. I think we could all learn from you to make our own marriages and partnerships stronger.

  2. I love the concept, I love the dedication, I love the process, and mostly, I love the art. Great work Chris. As a musician and writer what you did was nothing short of fantastic. I throughly enjoyed it all.

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