takin’ it outside.

Are y’all sick of seeing photos of my yard yet?

Our sweet farmhouse is years away from being decorated the way we want it. In fact, we’ll probably be working on it for the rest of our lives. And as my best friend so sweetly reminded me last week, that’s okay. We’ve got plenty of land and space and time. There’s no neighborly competition or homeowners association to pressure us into any sort of rat race. Although I’d like to have everything in its proper place and Pinterest-perfect by the time the baby comes, I’m clinging to her words and relaxing for now. When the bare walls and the bedroom assignments and the lack of storage overwhelms me, we simply take it outside.

So, folks… get used to seeing photos of my yard. Because this is home.

9 thoughts on “takin’ it outside.”

  1. i just recently read in a magazine that we should take time to make our house our home. by doing it over time.. the home becomes a story.

    our story.

    so that’s the excuse i’m using for still nothing hanging on the walls and we’ve been in our home for almost 2 years!

    1. I love that too. I prefer adding things to decorate my home that have meaning than things that just look pretty. They make me smile.

  2. I’ll never tire of seeing pictures of your yard. In one year, we’ve hung exactly 2 pictures. I even hired someone to make mood boards of each room to help give me some inspiration, but when time and money are scarce it’ll have to wait. I hear ya mama. At least you’re in a home that you plan to be in for a long long time if not forever. We’ll probably move before we even get all the pictures hung :-)

  3. Oh Rachael the sight of your littles sitting around the table with their hands folded in prayer is sweeter than words can express! And keep the yard pictures coming!! I need all the inspiration I can get for when we finally move onto the “farm”… however many years down the road it might be. :) Oh the idea of mood boards is spectacular!!

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