Three years ago today, a bridge was born. Ames led me to the Father. He brought me closer to his daddy and his brothers and their mom. He taught me how to ask for help and how to ask for forgiveness. I’m so honored and grateful to call him son.¬†
We’re starting the day off with our¬†traditional Kincaid kid birthday breakfast – cinnamon rolls! Then we’ll play around the house and eventually try to bake a cake together. The only thing I’ve ever baked is banana nut bread. I had to google confectioner sugar and borrow a mixer. Regardless, I’m forging ahead for the sake of my son’s only birthday wish – a “fockwutt cake.” This afternoon, we’ll cheer Lucas on at his last football game of the season. We’ve also invited our families back to our house afterwards, where we’ll order pizzas and hopefully enjoy some cake.
Happy Birthday, Ames Emmanuel!

New to the blog?¬†Read the boy’s birth story, birth imagery included.

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  1. That picture is so, so beautiful. I love the way your husband is looking up at you with admiration, and so much love at the mother of his son. Read your birth story, and I teared up. so amazing! happy birthday to your little one!

    1. Dead on, lady. There is another picture that was taken just after that one. We had traded our views. I was looking at Ames, and Rach was looking at me. You can see the pride beaming off of her face, screaming to me, “look what I did. Look at him.” It’s so beautiful. This morning, when we opened the door to his room to give him his first happy birthday wishes, I ran to get that picture so he could look at it.

  2. I hope you don’t mind me asking, but it’s something I’ve always wondered about homebirths- did you still get tested for strep B? If so would the midwives have brought the iv and antibiotics had you tested positive? I’d love to hear your answer considering your medical background.

    1. I’d prefer to answer the personal part of this question via email, but I hope this helps:

      Homebirthing moms can still get tested. There are a few options for treatment, if she tests positive. Some states allow IV antibiotics at home, just like in a hospital setting. Others choose to use a down-there wash every few hours after the water breaks.

      Feel free to email me if you wish to discuss further! I’d love to chat.

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