peace as my umpire

Homer, Alaska // 2005

I miss out on the freedom to be found in letting peace rule. The truth is true whether I let it be or not. Colossians says to let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts.
-Emily Freeman, Grace for the Good Girl

As embarrassing as it is to admit, this is a novice idea to me. I treat the idea of peace like a side item, an accessory to the rest of what’s going on in my life. Giving peace the authority to solve conflict, to really run the show? Never in my life.

I keep the peace in my home and at my job… most of the time. Sometimes, I’m actually the instigator of conflict, the one who complains and divides. I often use phrases like, “I’m at peace about this decision” when in reality, I feel most in my element when I’m fighting off anxiety and stress. I pray for peace amongst communities like Newtown, yet I battle daily with anger and bitterness towards events like last week’s.

RULE (Greek): to act as an umpire
UMPIRE: one having authority to decide finally
Thank you for the vocabulary lesson, Emily! I’m not responsible for forcing peace into my life. It’s a free gift, one that I simply have to accept. And when I do, when I really accept it, it takes over. Like an umpire, or a referee. Peace calls the shots. It settles the conflicts. It works hard to protect my heart. I sort of like the idea of making peace the bad guy. It can get a little bossy.
Peace reminds me that it doesn’t matter when we close on the farmhouse, or how long it takes us to pack. Peace forbids me to worry about our financial future, or the way our kids will turn out. Peace commands me to learn the ins and outs of God’s presence, and to focus my heart on what He’s doing inside of it. 
Looking forward to experiencing a peace invasion this holiday season, y’all. Anyone else open to the idea?

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