monday blues dance party

We’re all a bit hungover from Thanksgiving. The rest of my family is exhausted from visiting loved ones and eating themselves into oblivion. I’m tired from working the holiday and doing my best to grab it as it slipped away. Yesterday felt a bit blah, as we all settled back into the swing of things. To make the Monday blues worse, more than half of our crew felt under the weather.

As soon as Chris & I slipped away to bathe the little ones after dinner, the big boys came knocking. They wanted to sit with us. When your tweens want to hang out, you don’t say no. So there we were, all seven of us piled into the bathroom – eight, if you include one of the pups.

After we got the babies dressed for bed, we let them play in the hallway for a few minutes. I lay down beside them on the floor and felt myself drifting off to sleep, until I heard it:


My husband usually detests music like Ke$ha’s, but he sure knows how to get a dance party started! We cranked it up and grabbed the kids, dancing around like crazy to end the night quite right. I went to bed a better woman for it. I sure am thankful for a man who knows how to beat the blues.

6 thoughts on “monday blues dance party”

  1. This might be the best story I’ve read all day… Seriously. Though I too, detest her “music”, (or maybe, mostly it’s her message) I can only imagine what a game changer a mini-dance party could be!

  2. Ha! I love Ke$ha and feel no shame for it! This is a great story of a moment that may otherwise have gotten lost in the rest of life. This is one reason I love blogs/blogging!

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