happy august!

This week, I’ve started working nights instead of days. I’ll still be working three twelve-hour shifts (in a row, this time), which gives me four full days off. I chose to switch for a season, to see how it works for my family and take a little time to learn more about my field. With things a bit slower at night, I’m hoping to have more time to study my patients’ issues & still pump plenty of milk for the sisters.

Needless to say, this is gonna take quite a bit of adjusting for my family! Chris & I are already used to sleeping in short spurts of three or four hours, so I’m praying this transition is smooth & easy. And let’s face it – moms should be able to sleep at the drop of a hat, right? I’ve caught myself dozing at the dinner table, for goodness’ sake!
We’ll see!¬†While I’m catching some Z’s and learning the ways of the night owl, why don’t you check out our August sponsors? There will be a giveaway or two coming your way this month, so stay tuned! Head on over to the right side of the blog and get to clickin’, y’all!

2 thoughts on “happy august!”

  1. I just stumbled upon your blog through ohdeardrea and just thought you (your last name kincaid) was so familiar from somewhere. After much thinking about where I knew your name from I realized it was from diaperswappers and you had bought something from me a while back! I am so happy I found your blog and will continue to follow it!

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