a joyful noise

My girls have a tendency to take both their joy and their unhappiness to ear-piercing levels. They can sing and shout and squeal and holler with the best of them. My ears are sensitive and my temper is short. When the sisters get loud, I do not always find it cute.

But Isaiah Jane has the sweetest voice. It’s a cross between an angel sucking on candy, and an old lady whispering. Honor Rose has recently developed a fake belly laugh that brings tears to everyone’s eyes. The first time I heard the girls call the dogs by name from the front porch, I thought I’d melt into a puddle. They also love to cup their hands around their mouths and shout, “HEY YOU GUYS” when they spot the big boys walking back from the neighbors’ house.

My girls are loud. In my house. In my car. In my head. In my heart. Someday, my house will be too quiet. I will cry and look back on these days with fondness. So I say bring the loud, sisters. Bring the loud.


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5 thoughts on “a joyful noise”

  1. I’m a new follower :)
    The other night, about forty minutes after going down for bed, my toddler burst into our bedroom, pacifier in his mouth, bear tucked under one arm and blanket under the other, and said “hey guys! what you doing?” Your girls calling the boys from the porch made me think of that…
    I just love these little ones and the things they come up with :D

  2. Absolutely beautiful post friend! I would love to meet these lovely little ladies in person some day :) they seem like such sweet girls with such spunk and beautiful personalities!

  3. oh my goodness, that photo is too precious!! and you’re so right, one day it will be too quiet when the littles are gone. might as well let em make noise. great post!

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