farmhouse dreams: the porch

As we draw near to this baby’s birth, I’ve begun to place priority on what I’d like to focus on decor-wise. If you read last week’s post, you know that I’m content to let this house and its land transform into our own over the next several years. In order to stay realistic, I’ve made it very clear that only a few rooms must must must come together before Number 6 descends upon us in a few months: the master bedroom, the bathroom, and the porch.

We’ve been fortunate to stumble upon photos of our house from over the last decade, in the form of realty listings from each time it was on the market. The previous owners are an older, established family in the area. They still own several properties around here, and people still refer to our house by using their name. I don’t mind at all; they seem like good people. From what I can tell, they decorated with a very traditional style and we tried to use their vision whenever possible when setting up house. For example, they chose to honor that front room that all old houses have as a formal dining area, and we’re doing the same… even though it means walking the entire distance of the house from the kitchen to eat.

Sometimes I wonder, though, how they’d feel about what we’ve done with the rest of the house… or at least, what we plan to do with the rest of the house. For instance, we chose a rather inconvenient and public space for our master bedroom, for the simple facts that it receives the most light and it overlooks the porch. During the postpartum season, my anxious heart needs as much sun and pedestrian traffic as humanly possible. For that reason, I don’t mind walking down the long hallway to get to the bathroom, or forfeiting the only room with real closet space.

And what would the former owners think if they drove by and saw a rusty retro glider on their old front porch? I’ve wanted one of these for as long as I can remember, and the above-pictured is currently available on Craigslist. It might or might not become ours this week, but it has had a dedicated spot since the bank first accepted our offer. Chris has some safety concerns about the mechanism of a glider around toddler fingers. I, on the other hand, have dreams of rocking a baby to sleep, to the left of our front door, surrounded by potted plants and newborn fragrance.

All in favor… Let my husband know, will ya?

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    1. Sure! I’d be happy to email specifics if you want to chat, as I’m not sure how/when I’ll share on here. Definitely planning to, though! It’s only fair, right? :)

  1. Definitely in favor! All of us kids/grandkids/cousins survived without incident with my grandparents glider! :) (well there were a few incidents but it was typically the teenagers and a bit of daring involved, ha ha!!)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

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