the sisters are forever grabbing onto one another.
it is too cute for words. too cute for squeals or groans, even.
sometimes, it takes my breath away to watch them touch.
you know that moment when a baby first recognizes himself in the mirror and gets excited? that will never happen for these girls. each time i hold one of them up to catch a glimpse of herself, i’m reminded that it’s old news to her. they stare at themselves all day long, in the form of each other. how special is that? how rare?
 i consider myself blessed to witness this miraculous relationship, a friendship that formed before i ever knew them. before i ever even knew that there were two. that first night in the hospital, as i held them in my arms and introduced myself, they were already familiar. they were already home. they had each other.

they are connected. 
they are bonded in a way that cannot be broken.
they are my daughters…
but first, they were sisters.

14 thoughts on “touch”

  1. Your daughters are just beautiful!I got all weepy when I read this! There is absolutely nothing in this world that makes me happier than watching my twin daughters play together, hold each other’s hands, best of all, giving each other hugs. I can’t imagine a more special bond than that between twin sisters. I feel so blessed to witness it.

  2. So beautiful! The special bond between those two is so amazing.

    I watch my son’s cousin a few days a week and they are only a few months apart. My son (8 months) is always trying to eye-gouge his cousin. I’ve got to keep a close eye until he gets the “gentle” concept down.

    I’ve always wondered if this is a stage with twins, or if they aren’t as curious to grab each other’s faces when they’re a little older because they are already used to each other.

  3. My heart just melted about ten times! The sisters are so precious! The world of twins is such an amazing thing, isn’t it?! I have twin nephews and it was so incredible watching them interact as babies. It’s as if they have their own special world together, huh?! How blessed we are to be a part of this experience. I haven’t commented here before, but I love your blog. Thanks for being real and making me smile. :)

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