A new & different kind of Christmas.

When we received word that our farmhouse closing had been delayed yet again, it became very clear what we had to do. The Christmas decorations might be staying in the box this year, but some wintry foliage became an absolute priority. The morning Lucas’ school let out, we embarked on an adventure that just might have become a tradition…

We only spent a few hours and a few bucks, but it was one of the greatest family days to date. I can’t wait to do it again next year, with a better head start. This weekend, I’ll finish off our holiday preparations with two strings of lights on the tree and brown painter’s paper on the presents. Note to self: throw away front porch pumpkins by Christmas Eve! Happy Friday, friends.

5 thoughts on “A new & different kind of Christmas.”

  1. We went to a tree farm this year too! It was by far our funnest, family tree outing yet:)

    We’re sitting here listening to your hubbies 52 project! We LOVE it:) Hope ya’ll have a great Christmas!

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