thrifty threads: a day for errands

I’m into fashion, but I’m not into effort.
If you see me out & about on any given day,
chances are I’ll be lookin’ like this:
Navy cardigan – J. Crew outlet
Straight-leg jeans – Lucky Brand
Suwannee Bulldogs tee – from my late Memama, Helen Rose.
She was a die-hard football fan, and this tee is from my dad’s high school.
I found it amongst her things after she passed. It still smells like her.

I rarely do my hair or a full face of makeup.
Some lipstick & fun earrings are enough to do the trick.
Earrings – Claire’s, I think?
Lipstick – “Certainly Red” by Revlon 
Lipgloss – “Air Kiss” by Clinique
I try to jazz up a t-shirt & jeans with fun shoes.
Metallic flats – Gap, clearance
I almost never wear my engagement/wedding ring combo by itself.
I’m forever switching things up to match my moods & outfits.
Here’s my wedding band, paired with a gold ring 
from my Nina. I think it was her mom’s?

And now I’m off to the grocery store, where I will most certainly spend more than twice the cost of this outfit.

One thought on “thrifty threads: a day for errands”

  1. Isn’t the grocery store annoying like that? :-)

    The story about your t-shirt is so sweet. It makes the whole outfit that much more awesome!

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