the video we’ve all waited to watch

As I scrolled through the replies to my tweet about our big farmhouse closing, I lost track of how many times I smiled. You guys love us so well. It’s such an honor to be part of this big cyber family. Therefore, I have to share this little video with you. I was waiting for a better showcase, better footage, better lighting, better something. But the Internet is real and so are we. Here you get to share a first right alongside us…

The day Isaiah Jane walked.

19 thoughts on “the video we’ve all waited to watch”

  1. yahoooooooo! go ij!!

    ps. i love how hr is just like, hey i can do that! why aren’t i on camera? teehee!

    also, closing day??
    hope it all went well!

  2. Goooooo, Isaiah Jane!! Can you imagine how special it is going to be for her to see this video when she’s older? What an accomplishment! .

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