things i’m clickin’ this week

this advice.
this announcement.
this song.
this vote site.

This morning, IJ & I are headed to the neurologist.
This week, she’s begun to army crawl and sit on her own.
Chris says it’s the prayer time he had. He noticed an immediate difference.

Me: Oh, was it an intense time with the Lord?
Chris: I just prayed over her in the living room. I didn’t build a tent or anything.

happy thursday from the sisters!

9 thoughts on “things i’m clickin’ this week”

  1. My daughter was falling behind on her milestones and after I had a tearfilled week and meetings with all sorts of interventionists… i lifted it to God and asked for strength for both of us and the things started to happen the next week- she sat up on her own, then started to crawl and now at 15 months is running around my house when I was told that it might be a “long time” before she’d walk…

  2. just looking at their picture makes my day! i dont think ive ever seen more perfect or precious babies!

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