i gave in.

As our farmhouse dream developed into reality, I slowly stopped doing all of the things around the house. I trimmed the bottom of the shower liners instead of the replacing them, when they told us we were just a month away. I lost track of my usual laundry and bathroom scrubbing schedule. I quit meal planning after our chalkboard came down and I willingly lost my sense of organization. And over the last few weeks, I’ve simply ignored my floors.

I usually vacuum and mop the downstairs twice a week. It only takes thirty minutes or so, and I squeeze it in while the girls snack in their high chairs. As I’ve written before, some household chores are quite therapeutic to me. My floors fall into that category, because I see immediate results. I can relax on the couch without cringing at the crumbs and the dog hair, as the afternoon light filters through the house.

I started out strong on my strike against cleaning, and I soaked up support on Twitter when I posted this tweet. Y’all do the sock thing, too! But over the last week, it’s become clear that I’ve avoided it long enough. I recently received an email from our realtor that said, “hopefully this month!” We’d planned to close by mid-December, and then clean the house top to bottom before the renters moved in after Christmas. Oops.

I think I’ll leave the trimmed shower curtain – or maybe I should replace them. Don’t you know we’d get a call to close on the farmhouse, just as soon as I did? Some of y’all recommended washing them. Maybe I’ll try that! But it’s time to get the rest of house back on track. Chalkboard gone, I spent some time one morning planning out meals on sticky notes. After two weeks’ worth of ideas and grocery lists, I moved on to my floors. It felt so, so good.

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