there’s room enough.

Early this week, a friend & coworker lost the love of her life. He died suddenly, practically in front of her and their nine month-old son. On his birthday, of all days. I can’t imagine the pain she’s experiencing even as I type this, but what I’ve seen come from this girl has been otherworldly. She’s been full of shock and grace. Pain and peace. Strength and tears. Vulnerability and numbness. It’s all so heavy.

In the days since, our community has responded in the most beautiful way. Chris & I prayed for her heart, washed her laundry, dreamed big things for her future, and picked up her mail. My church’s small group aborted plans to meet at our house one night, opting instead to clean her house. My coworkers stocked her kitchen and diapered her baby and encouraged her to eat. Plans are in place to support her as needed, when the days turn to weeks and months. Chris has already volunteered to expand his daddy daycare services and reworked the layout of our house to make room for her, if she ever wants a place to stay. We’ve all stayed busy with work and family and the day to day, but there’s been room enough for our girl. This week has served as a reminder, that there is always room enough.

In our schedules.
At our tables.
In our wallets.
On our hearts.

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