thrifty threads: maternity style at a rock show

Chris & I headed into town to see Jesus Culture with some friends last weekend, and we had a blast. I asked him to snap a few photos of me before we left because hello, I put on lipstick! The camera died as soon as he pushed the button. Go figure. Go iPhone!

Star Wars tee // Goodwill
stretch belt // vintage, my grandmother’s
skinny jeans, Gap maternity // hand-me-down
sandals, Saltwater // Amazon
handbag, Kate Spade // Kate Spade online

This evening was also document-worthy because it was my new handbag’s first outing. It was on my wishlist for months, and I recently discovered that it had gone on sale. I sent Chris a text message that said something like, “I know you’re in charge of the money now, but I’d like you to prayerfully consider letting me buy this bag.” I was honestly joking, because accessories for Momma are so not on the shopping list right now.

You can read for yourself the conversation that transpired as a result…
Let’s just say I married a keeper!

16 thoughts on “thrifty threads: maternity style at a rock show”

  1. Okay he is definitely a keeper!!!! Such a sweetie! and the Star War’s T… gotta love a girl with taste!! So glad you got to have an evening out at a wonderful concert, to boot! Have a wonderful weekend! (i really need to e-mail you some time… words just don’t feel right so just pray for me… thanks! heavy heart….for my kiddo…)

  2. 1. You’re adorable.

    Mothers day and my 30th bday are in the same week. I may have to make a suggestion to my hubby. I’ve been rocking a consignment Nine West bag for a couple of years. I think it’s time for an upgrade. :-)

    1. Seriously… TREAT YO SELF. Best habit I’ve picked up as a mom, for real. One or two nice splurges per year have made ALL the difference in the world, as far as feeling appreciated and like an individual with my own desires/identity. Make sense?

    2. Oh yes. Perfect sense. I did get a super cute Timi & Leslie diaper bag (priase the Lord for a generous sister), but it’s still….a diaper bag.

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