some strawberries

Just wanted to share a few photos from a fun Friday we had a few weeks back. On this particular afternoon, we picked strawberries at a farm just outside of our neighborhood. Typically, I work (twelve-hour shifts) every Thursday/Friday/Saturday. This means any free time at the end of the week is a blessing. We try to live it up!

9 thoughts on “some strawberries”

  1. Where is this!!! I want to go strawberry picking so badly. Your little (big) family is so adorable!

  2. Are they still good? I need some, but I was afraid this season was going to be short and it was too late. Maybe this weekend!

  3. Your children are PRECIOUS! I love following your blog! Also…you seem like the perfect person to ask about wraps/carriers. What would you suggest for a newborn? Thank you!

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