He met me there.

I stressed and struggled to get the kids and the house ready for our departure. I created lists and calendars. I wrote emails and text messages. I’m sure I raised my voice a time or two, and I lost a bit of sleep. He met me there.

I flew and landed and squealed and hugged. I sat and listened during our core team time. I dreamed big and affirmed. I delegated and prayed and grew more excited by the hour. He met me there.

I welcomed and squealed and hugged. I cast vision and declared big things for the weekend. I cut shoes for kids and agreed to raise money for a nurse. I talked late into the night. He met me there.

I spent the night in the shower and the next day in bed, wrecked by a stomach virus. I missed sessions and meetings and responsibilities and fun. I cried and complained and questioned. He met me there.

I recovered and rejoined. I sat and listened, nodded and amen-ed. There were tears and tweets. I began to hope and dream for new things. I worshiped. I left feeling inspired, but also a bit overwhelmed and anxious about my responsibilities back home. He met me there.


He’s doing a good work in me, right where I am.

12 thoughts on “He met me there.”

  1. Ugh, I’m sorry that you weren’t feeling well part of the time, but I’m glad that God was able to use the time and use the experience to bless you even through all of that.

  2. So much truth! Loved meeting you and spending some time with you and your husband. Thanks for sacrificing to be a blessing to so many.

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