See you at Influence! Please don’t hug me!

This momma may be a bit tired these days, but I promise she is excited about the Influence Conference at the end of the month!

Today, I’m linking up with the Influence blog for a little pre-conference meet & greet. Two things I’m bringing, plus two things I’m looking forward to? Easy!

In addition to a substantial amount of under-eye concealer, I’m bringing my cowboy boots. In fact, I’m not just bringing them. I’m going for a statement look, I guess, because they’re the only shoes coming with me. Looks like it’s gonna be a hoedown, all weekend long!

In addition to making new friends, I’m really excited about soaking up time with ladies who have grown near and dear to my heart since last year’s conference. I’ve also been stalking the list of vendors at the Sashes market. Y’all are going to love it. I can’t wait to get my hands on some goodies!

Looking forward to seeing what the rest of you are bringing and anticipating… this is sort of like summer camp for grown-ups, huh? I’m into it. I’ve been getting real-life butterflies just looking at the schedule this last week.

Feeling a little late to the game? It’s okay. We’ll still take you! To those of you with tickets, I’ll see you in a few weeks! Be sure to say hi. Take it easy on me, though, okay? I’m not a hugger.

22 thoughts on “See you at Influence! Please don’t hug me!”

  1. i’m thrilled to meet you girl. You’re a genuine supermom – like the kind that shows life isn’t perfect, but so beautiful with Christ. Inspiring.

  2. Thanks for disclaimer! I am a hugger…and I really want to hug all you ladies who have put so much work into this conference…but now that I know, please don’t run away, I won’t hug you! Maybe next year everyone can order a button to wear that says whether they are a hugger or not! Ha! Hope to meet you!

  3. Not a hugger? Why does that strike me as odd?! Guess I just can’t fathom someone who loves Jesus not loving hugs. Maybe I’m the weird one! lol Have fun at the conference. Can’t wait to see the pics.

  4. I think a lot about you and your family and the chance I got to hear your story last year when we were out for pizza. You really are an inspiration. I love your heart and your story and as much as I am going to want to I will try NOT to hug you!

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