the scoop on the rings

I’m sure I made my husband nervous all of those years ago, when we started talking engagement. It took a few awkward conversations and try-on session at stores for him to get the picture. I didn’t want a solitaire. I think he had to shop a few by me to be convinced that I wasn’t lying.

I had not seen anything like it, but I knew wanted something wide and flat. I kept trying to describe the concept, until we found mine in the anniversary section of a jewelry store one evening. I remember pointing at it and saying, “That’s it. That’s the one.” And so it was.

Although they didn’t come together, it was pretty easy to find a wedding band that complemented my engagement ring. And then somewhere along the way, I started wearing a gold band with my set. I’ve had it for years; it came from an old jewelry box at my grandparents’ house. Nobody’s quite sure, but we think it belonged to a great somewhere down the line.

It’s been nearly five years, and I’m still just as happy with my wedding rings.
They’re unique but tasteful, not unlike my marriage or my man.
Thanks to those of you who asked me to write about them!

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  1. I love when rings have a story! yours are beautiful. I love that you added on the gold band. After I had Joshua, Jon bought me a simple band that I added on to my other rings. I feel like my bands are so thick, but they each represent something and have meaning. I will never trade them in!


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