Mamas Makin’ It Work – #6

a fellow twin mama, and a creative & thrifty one at that…
let’s hear it for 
hey all! i’m kristi. the proud and nearly always worn out momma of boys…4 in 3 years! yep, ya did the math and it doesn’t quite add up right? let me give ya a hint…# 3 turned into #3 and #4. so being the momma of a tribe of 4 little boys i find myself makin’ it work multiple times a day, every day.

i’d say that the number one question i get asked is “how do you do it?!” to which i respond “by the grace of God, lots of prayers & a small village”. which is completely true, but i’ve also picked up a few tricks along the way. makin’ it work means thinking on your feet & using what you have on hand. so these are a few things hiding in my house that function in more than one way to make my life easier.

  • baby monitor. it does let you hear baby’s cry in the middle of the night. but what if you’re sleeping in the same hotel room? my fav for traveling, just bring the receiver end and wha-la! a white noise/ machine. so much cheaper than spending $$ on one.
  • kitchen scissors. they aren’t just for opening packages anymore. since everyone in our house needs food cut into small bites, we bust out the scissors instead of the ole fork & knife.
  • crockpot. it’s not just for soups & fondues. i use it year round. who doesn’t love the idea of letting something do all the work for you?! there’s tons of great crockpot recipes out there. 
  • aluminum foil. yes people, the reynolds wrap commercials are true. it really does make clean up so much easier. and bonus: you can toss it in the recycle bin!
  • ziploc bags. they can hold more than last nights leftovers. i buy the gallon size for when we go on trips and pack an outfit-a-day in each bag. i save them with names on them & reuse them for the next trip.
  • baby powder. not just for our greasy mommy hair! it’s the best & easiest way to remove sand from little feet & legs after a trip to the sandbox or beach. 
  • my computer. it’s not just for social networking ladies. i use it to buy my groceries. not just from amazon, but a local grocery store. they shop & load the car for you. you pick up & pay at the curb for a small fee. but that $5 is less than i would spend on impulse buys. worth it? yes!!!
  • cardboard box. yes, it stores things, but it can be so much more. a fort. a table. a race track. and yes, eventually the fun will wear off, but good thing it too can go in the recycle bin!
  • iphone. it is my most used tool by far! i do love it so. it entertains toddlers. it soothes crying babies. it keeps us in touch with grandparents, aunts & cousins far away. it keeps momma in touch with the ‘real adult world’. it keeps memories.

  • so take a look around. there’s probably something hiding in a closet or a drawer that could be put to good use. cause that’s how make it work.

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    10 thoughts on “Mamas Makin’ It Work – #6”

    1. Yay for twins! And yay for unabashed love of the computer and iPhone! People can be judgemental about using technology, but I can’t imagine being a stay at home mom without my computer and phone. Thanks for another great Mama Makin’ it Work post.

    2. @Angela – Yes! I wrote you, remember?!

      @Anonymous – I’m not going to correct a guest poster’s writing, sorry! No need for the “sheesh,” either. Trying to create an environment of support here!

    3. well sheesh! i write how i talk…and i don’t use voila. i actually say wha-la. sorry, my job is a SAHM not one in the workforce so my vocab & typing skills may reflect that at times. plus, try typing when you have 4 little ones attacking the computer.

      and thanks rachael. no skin off my nose. i’m a pastor’s wife ;)

    4. I raised four kids, and was a SAHM. But I didn’t spend time on the computer, I spent time taking care of them. And I’m super glad I’m not defined by who’s “wife” I am.

    5. 1 – If your kids are already grown as you imply, then chances are the Internet community was not what it is today when you were in the thick of it. It has become one of support and friendship for many moms, with a few obvious exceptions. As for how moms manage their time, I won’t even address your insinuation.

      2 – I’m fairly certain my guest was referring to negative feedback when she mentioned being a pastor’s wife… there tends to be a lot of criticism towards those in leadership, and she’s used to it.

      3 – The possessive form of who is “whose.”

      I’m still learning my way around the blogosphere, but I will come up with a way to deal with negative comments like this. I respect and accept feedback in many forms, and I enjoy a friendly debate. But this is getting a little personal and I won’t let a guest poster be bullied.

      Hope you can understand.

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