back to the doc: an isaiah jane update.

A year ago, Isaiah Jane began her visit down specialist lane with a trip to the eye doctor. If you were around then, you remember her eyes began to cross around the same time she stopped progressing motor-wise. The eye doctor cleared her at the time, asking us to follow up in six to twelve months. The plan was to patch her sporadically and see if her muscle tone improved, since her vision tested perfectly normal.

Once we found out about her diagnosis, that made a lot of sense to us. We patched less and less as we discovered that her sweet eyes didn’t take it very well. While it’s normal for one eye to grow temporarily weak while covered up, we found that her eyes rolled harder and further and for longer each time we used the patch. So we stopped, around the same time we tapered down her therapy services. It was all so overwhelming, and we wanted to see what her little body could do on its own. As you’ve celebrated with us, you know that little body is doing a lot of great things these days.

Her muscles are still weaker than her sister’s, in that she gets tired much quicker. Her eyes are also still an issue, which is the reason for her eye appointment today. We’re at the one-year mark and we want to see what her vision is doing. Her eyes no longer roll lazily, and only her left seems to be affected. It pulls inward whenever she tries to focus, as you can see in the photos above.

Maybe it’ll continue to improve on its own, or maybe she’ll be sporting some sweet baby glasses soon. I’d rather not think about surgical options right now, so we’ll just focus on those two alternatives. Sound good? Great. Pray for us! Off we go!

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  1. I’ve mentioned this before, prolly, but it’s such an encouraging anecdote I wanted to share it again. My lil bro had laser surgery to correct the lazy eye at 18 months (I know you said you didn’t want to think about it now but just in case it comes to that, I can attest to a positive outcome :), wore glasses until he was 10, and now has 20/20 vision and is a giant brainiac. Thinking good thoughts for your munchkin.

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