Mamas Makin’ It Work – #10 (early)

We’re going out of order here for a special occasion.
This is Mama #10, but…
1) Grace is due with her second baby any minute.
2) Grace just moved to a new city.
3) Give her some love!
Hello! My name is Grace and I blog over at Camp Patton. I stay at home with our 13 month old, Julia, our one-eyed dog, Lucy and our 39 week old in-utero bambino/a due November 1st! We just moved to St. Louis and my husband, Simon is an OB/GYN intern and works some pretty grueling hours. During his most recent month of working all nights I found myself facing a lot of lonely hours and difficult moments. 

Life in a new city with a non-verbal toddler has been a big, ugly pill for me to swallow but things are looking up due to a little more gratitude and a little less negative attitude on my part.  Initially, I fought and resented the less than ideal situation that Simon’s work hours presented. I spent many isolating evenings feeling sorry for myself, terrified of sleeping alone in our house and knowing that when Simon did come home the next morning he would need to sleep all day only to rise and return the work the following evening. 

Fortunately though, I began to make little mini decisions throughout the long days and longer nights to be a more pleasant presence for Julia. Even though she isn’t fluent in the English language quite yet, I’m sure she could sense my bitter mood and discontentment with life in general. I discovered that spending extra time reading to her, going over the ever-important barn animal noises and letting her ‘help’ me in the kitchen made our many hours together more memorable. 

Instead of wishing the days away I had to choose to make the most of the many, many hours Julia and I got to spend together before the new baby arrives. I know we have many more rough months to come in the following four years of Simon’s residency but I know that taking it a moment and then an hour and eventually a day at a time is the key to success and happiness in our little home. 

Email me if you wanna show us how you make it work!

4 thoughts on “Mamas Makin’ It Work – #10 (early)”

  1. thanks for sharing! it’s nice hearing stories from other moms in simialr situations.

    congratualtions on the little bundle of joy in your tummy :)

    and, we also had a one eyed dog. best dog ever :)

  2. Aw I feel ya, my hubby is also in residency and we have a 10 month old, he is further along then your husband though, mad props to taking care of a baby during intern year, I can’t even wrap my mind around that!! It’ll all be worth it in the end…right!? :)

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