mamas Makin’ It Work – #2

If you haven’t discovered Baby Blackbird yet, you’re missing out! Not only will you get a glimpse into Brandy beautiful kids & their fun outfits, but you’ll get the details & tips on “all things fashionable for kids.” Highly recommend! I asked Brandy to dish a little on her superpowers because I’ve noticed that her hardworking hubby must occasionally leave the family for long hours. I admire the way she makes it work and still manages to dress her kids to the nines!

Hey! I’m Brandy, from over at Baby Blackbird. When Rachael asked me if I wanted to take part in her cute new series I was excited, but I had a hard time thinking of a time when I made it work, cause honestly I feel like there is at least one point in most days I try my best to just get thru the moment. Currently I am the very proud owner of two very sweet and loving toddlers, a 14 month old little girl and a little boy on the brink of turning 3.  Sometimes at the end of a rough day, once the kids are in bed I sit back and think how the heckdid we make it through today?
Instead of just one instance why not share a few of the ways I make it work on the daily, even despite the crazy or sympathetic looks from strangers: 
  • ·      When in a store and trying to pay, it never fails one kid is crying or upset and the other is running around. And there’s me the crazy lady making ‘tooting’ noises and waving my butt around to make one laugh, while holding the other between my legs so I can pay with two hands.

 ·      When my son is using the potty but his little sister just wants to do what he does and follow him and touch everything! AH!! I sit her down on a stool beside him with a book so she ‘thinks’ she’s doing what he does. That or put her in the tub (with no water) and toys while I help him clean up (bathtub playpen).
  • ·      When neither kid wants to walk or sit in the stroller, I am the nut pushing an empty double stroller while carrying one in a carrier and the other on my hip. 
  • ·      When one is having a rough day full of tears and tantrums, the other always follows suit (never fails), sometimes the only way to get thru it is to cry too, and usually the looks I get from them is enough to shake them out of it anyways.

I wouldn’t change things for the world and love how they keep me on my toes.  Life is never dull and always amazing with kids. Thanks for having me Rachael!!

If you’d like to be featured in this series, I’d love to have you. Email me for details!