how I found the light… on Pinterest.


I’ve seen a lot of reminders lately about the potential dangers of sites like Pinterest. I nod my head in agreement with wise women who warn us about comparison and jealousy. Amen! We should learn to be content with where we are and what we have! But sometimes, it ain’t easy.

I’ve struggled with this so much in the past that it took me a couple of years to warm up to Pinterest. I worried that if I jumped in feet first, I might get swallowed up in a DIY world of competition and materialism. I feared that I might become obsessed with a fantasy of what my life could look like, that I’d forget how great my life already was. As silly as it may sound, I was scared of what the website might do to my heart. So my account just sat.

Over the last few months, though, I’ve learned to enjoy its fruits. I’m physically unable to spend the time, money, & energy I’d like to on decorating my house. Or dressing my children. Or turning trash into treasure. But I’ve found that I can spend little chunks of free time surfing the site for ideas, without feeling obligated to create them and cram them into my own life. I can appreciate others’ hard work, no strings attached. I can use the creativity I find to make use of resources and ideas that already float around inside my home and my head. I haven’t ventured into the world of Pinterest recipes yet, but I’m sure deliciously healthy & affordable large-family ideas await me.

I’m actually surprised by how much I’m enjoying this online cataloging/scrap-booking of sorts. I don’t struggle with discontentment like I thought I would. I even keep a board entitled Dreamland, to celebrate beautiful concepts that I might never own or experience. It’s simply been a matter of guarding my heart and setting realistic expectations for myself, my family, my belongings, and my goals.

I’m sold, y’all… officially a fan of Pinterest!

14 thoughts on “how I found the light… on Pinterest.”

  1. What I love about Pinterest is how it has helped me understand my style. I like so many different things that it has always been hard for me to describe my personal style, the kind of home furnishings I like, etc, but since being on Pinterest, I feel like I understand myself a little better. I know that sounds crazy, saying I’ve learned about myself from a website, but it’s true. I have a better grasp on who I am, what I like, and what I dislike. Loving the things you pin, by the way! I like your taste!

  2. I use it like it’s supposed to be used. A virtual ‘pinboard’. Mostly so I don’t have 6 bajillion internet sites all stuck on my bookmarks! Plus I can ‘save’ items from magazines, recipes I might try, without the clutter!

  3. I love Pinterest. I have re-decorated so many areas of my home consisting of ONLY stuff I already have, based on the ideas I’ve found there. I also love it for recipes.
    However, after playing on it last night, I’m concerned that I should be working on my unborn child’s first birthday party already, since most of the ideas I saw should take a year to complete, at the very least! ;)

  4. I love Pinterest too. although i don’t quite spend as much time as i did in the beginning because of feelings like the ones you described. i found myself feeling overwhelmed in all i thought i needed yet didn’t have and couldn’t afford. now when i log on is more inspiration than coveting outfits/decor and i think i can live with that. i love that you have that dreamland board, because hey it’s always good to dream!

  5. I find that I like Pinterest a lot more, if I use it to pin things I find on other blogs and websites. If I let myself start browsing Pinterest itself, I find myself in a dangerous spiral. But as a way of keeping track of great ideas I find
    on other blogs, etsy, and the like, it is perfection.

  6. I love this picture because I actually scored a small set of shutters at Clines Antiques that looks JUST LIKE that one!! Now I have a decorating idea :) Since I have an entire blog based off Pinterest, it’s definitely a love of mine!

  7. As a child life specialist, I LOVE Pinterest for all the ideas for crafts/activities. You can find some awesome ideas for kids of all ages. After a while, one runs out of creative ideas to keep kiddos busy, especially in the summer time.

  8. All things in moderation right? There are great things to be found on pinterest but when I get that feeling of I’m not….(cool, creative, etc..) I know I have passed moderation and it is time to step away. The inspiration and projects I have done because of it though have outweighed the negatives for me.

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