tomorrow, he is two.

Tomorrow, he is two.

I never thought it would feel like this… creating and building and nurturing a life that can’t stop moving forward. I cannot rewind. I cannot press pause. He is literally growing in front of my face. I can do nothing about it, except enjoy & celebrate. And I am. I promise. I am enjoying every stage and every milestone. Every tooth. Every hop. Every word.
Tomorrow, he is two.
No party, no presents, no extravagance. 
Just family and hugs and teaching him how to hold up two fingers.
Just stuffing jellybeans in his mouth every time he uses the potty.
Just watching Yo Gabba Gabba and wrestling with his big brothers.
Tomorrow, he is two. 
Tomorrow, I will celebrate. 
But today? Today, I am going to cry.
Just while he naps. I promise.

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  1. well written,so sweet and sentimental (in a good way!)

    And I agree completely! We just celebrated our daughter’s 1st birthday this week and leading up to it I found myself nostalgic and emotional… but like you- I’ve been enjoying every milestone, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t easy… what a surprising ride this is!

    happy 2nd Birthday to your little boy!


    aka tiptoethrough.blogspot

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