a mountain getaway

When my husband dies, I’m supposed to sprinkle his ashes over the Atlantic ocean. He is a beach boy, and I love him for it. A childlike wonder and joy overtake him as we near the coast. Me? I was made for the mountains. But that’s the beauty of living in the Carolinas. You’re never more than a few hours from either destination!
This week, we’re making a much-needed getaway to Asheville, NC. My grandparents are anxious to get their hands on the sisters, and the boys are anxious to explore “Nina & Papa’s mountain,” all one hundred acres of it. I’ve made memory after memory in this beautiful place, and I am so thankful to be able to share the same stomping grounds with my offspring!
We’re hoping to tube down part of the Green River during our visit. Hopefully, we won’t see a repeat of 2009… we dubbed that trip “Terror on the River,” and it ended with several bruises. Regardless, I know we’ll have a blast. We’re planning to leave the littles with my grandparents that day, and we’ve invited the boys’ mom to join us. Of course, at some point during the week we’ll have to slip downtown for some shopping & meatloaf at Mayfel’s. One thing is for sure – we will NOT come home with a dog from the humane society. Not this time.
Let’s take a little trip down memory lane, from our last summer excursion to Asheville two years ago. I was 30 weeks pregnant with Ames Emmanuel.
Blue Ridge Mountains, here we come!