When laundry became fun.

Everyone always told me I’d want a laundry room upstairs and as an adult, it’s all I’ve ever known. Our new construction home had its own room, our rental house had a nook just outside of the master bedroom, and even our first apartment had a little closet. We had to take the doors off of that space because the washer and dryer fit so poorly, but still… I’ve tasted and seen of the second-story laundering, and it was good.

But it doesn’t beat what we’re doing in the farmhouse. Our designated laundry space is actually on the back porch, enclosed right off of the kitchen. The sound of clothes swishing and tumbling while I cook is honestly one of the most soothing sounds I’ve ever heard. Thanks to the location, we rarely forget to switch or fold loads, which used to be quite the source of frustration. Lastly, the view. Who knew I’d ever find a reason to stay and fold right in front of the dryer? The woods behind our house are absolutely magical, and we hope to own them someday.

When you’re washing for nearly eight, you had better find reasons to enjoy doing laundry. These days, I’m quite happy with the chore. And yes, those Trader Joe’s lavender dyer bags are absolutely worth the buy. Just like their fresh flowers.

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  1. You guys need to take a trip soon, so that I’ll have to come over and pet sit. I’ll do it for free! Anything to spend a night in the new home! Although, y’all might have a hard time getting me to leave, haha! :)

  2. Do you know I have discovered I love to do dishes? Who would have thought!! Especially after a childhood of drying dishes every night. We have a farm behind us that I get to enjoy! So the Trader Joe’s lavender sachet’s are wonderful? How many uses do you get from each one? I have some that I ordered from someone else but wanted to get a package together for a friend. Okay, just out curiosity… what do you use for hand washing dishes? I’m looking for something new. It needs to work well but smell nice and be basically good for you. I don’t normally wear gloves so I am trying to find something not too harsh on my skin.

    Have a wonderful day! I am so happy to hear that you all are now on the mend! I was concerned for you all!

    1. I haven’t really counted how many uses with each bag, since I only use them with certain kinds of laundry… towels, mostly! They’re super affordable, though.

      I recently bought the natural stuff at Costco for dish soap. We’ll see how it goes! I had Seventh Generation and Method before that. I also just started wearing gloves, since my hands were getting hot and dry rather quickly.

  3. Yes! I love those bags from TJ. I also love the dryer balls I bought from the baby grocery store with some lavender oil dropped on them at the start of each load. Yummy.

  4. Having the laundry in an easily accessible spot really helps me remember that I have laundry going. Currently, our laundry room is in a hidden corner of the basement, so we are constantly having to re-wash loads that have gone forgotten for a day [[or two…]] haha Your laundry space sounds absolutely dreamy, though, and I may be experiencing a teeny bit of jealousy…=]

  5. As a soon-to-be house hunter I’m completely inspired! Gotta found a home where we can get that mess out of the stinky basement and put it somewhere pretty!

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