momma’s day mayhem

I walked in from work on Saturday night to Ames yelling about a surprise. Chris & the big boys tried to shush him, but he kept going on about something in a closet. The rest of the crew shared an exasperated laugh and headed upstairs, returning with a music-making card & these beauties.

I can’t find the card at the moment because the girls are absolutely obsessed with it. The entire presentation was intended for yesterday morning, when I woke everyone for church. A Saturday night special, though? The perfect Mother’s Day surprise.

It’s an honor to take part in the painfully difficult yet beautiful process that is motherhood…
a calling involving so much more than tiny humans.

2 thoughts on “momma’s day mayhem”

  1. So glad it was a good day. Oddly enough, my son (11 months) was obsessed with my pop-up Mother’s Day card– and so it’s been turned to pulp. Being a mommy is a big job, but I kind of love it!

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