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I don’t know whether to be proud of myself for getting this much done or overwhelmed by the back-to-back daily posts. Nonetheless, I wanted to direct your attention to the last several posts here on the blog!
Friday – my favorite photo of Chris & I
Saturday – gushin’ about Ames
Sunday – an outfit post
Monday – a mama makin’ it work
Tuesday – a giveaway
I try not to base it the number of comments per post, but I’m trying to gauge things a little. What do you want to see more or less of? When would you like to see things posted? Do you turn off your computer on the weekends, or wake up super late? I’ll keep on thinking my kids are awesome, and I’ll always dress on the cheap – so no hurt feelings here, I promise! I’d just welcome your feedback.
The sisters want you to know that they 
totally helped me on this lil’ note just now:

21 thoughts on “back it on up”

  1. i like your outfit ones, especially if they’re for church or an outing, but prefer seeing everyone, not just the 2 of you (I know you did that one time for date night).. anyway, the kids stuff is so cute..

    giveaways are nice, too, but I enjoy the mom part of the blog..

  2. I can never get enough sister love and you are beyond beautiful so I always love seeing your pretty face.

    My favorites are date night posts because I love seeing other couples very happy in their marriage and making time for one another. Marc and I go on our date night EVERY thursday or friday, if something comes up on that day we already have plans- its a sweet thing to see in others. <3

  3. I love everything you post, and I don’t even have kids yet! Would you ever consider trying a Vlog? It would be fun to hear your voice and to see the little ones in action. All your kids are adorable, but young Ames is my favorite :) . He seems like an old soul, and I just love his little outfits.

  4. I love hearing anything from another awesome momma! I come check your blog everday :) I love hearing about everything! Esp the kiddos :) Keep doing whatcha doing – I love reading!

  5. love all your posts, lady! my favorites from any bloggers are outfit posts and specific stories/pictures of the kiddos, or family events. also, love your tips on living frugal! thriftiness has always been a strong tendency and mine but you inspire me to try even harder and suggest thing i haven’t thought of. keep on keepin’ on! you’re amazing! <3

  6. hi! i’ve been reading for a while, but [i think!] always anonymously. i love when you post family/kid pics, outfits (+ where you found ’em) and all about marriage.

  7. I love your blog. It’s one of my favs, and it’s one that I check daily. I enjoy the pictures, hearing about everyday life with your kiddos and hubby. I might be a nerd, but I don’t always enjoy the posts about giveaways, but I also know that is how bloggers attract readers so I get that. :)

  8. I love everything – especially the things that help keep your family organized and save money. The kids are awesome too, fashion is great … like I said, everything :)

  9. A. love whatcha ya got going on already.
    B. adore posts about the sisters…helps me remember I was actually alive their first few months!
    C. Enjoyed your post about clean-a-thon and just how you do things with the older boys. I like seeing how other families do the ‘normal’ life stuff.

  10. I enjoy reading all of your posts, but I especially like the natural living, marriage, and fashion posts, and of course, your kiddos are all adorable!

  11. I’ll read anything you write, but it’s because we’re pals ;)

    But to make this comment worthwhile, I especially love your posts about the children. You have an amazing family and they are just precious.

  12. I really enjoy reading any and all posts that you write. However, I find the most inspiration when you talk about your marriage (and keeping your marriage as the priority while raising children) and your parenting posts. I have learned a lot about the type of wife and mother I want to be from your blog. The clean-a-thon is amazing!

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