10 WEEKS – APRIL 2009

Well, little one… it’s becoming real. We had our first OB appointment. They did an ultrasound, so that I could see you! You danced your arms and legs around like nobody’s business… my tiny dancer! I wonder if you’re a girl or a boy. You know I’ll love you either way. Cute boy names and clothes are a bit harder to come up with, but boys seem to have so much personality!

We’ve officially decided to have a homebirth, but I wanted an OB visit at the beginning just to be sure. It’s a good thing I did. After interviewing 2 midwives, we decided to hire Damaris Pittman. She’s licensed by South Carolina and requires an OB visit at the beginning and end of her clients’ pregnancies. How cool? We’d already done that, so I’m going to fax her the record. We won’t start visits until we’re living in South Carolina, so I’ll be about 15 weeks then. She’ll be coming to our house! I’m excited.

The morning sickness is kicking my butt something fierce. Chris gets up around 5am each morning to make me an instant breakfast. Sometimes we switch it up and try sliced apples, or pretzels. He made me a little gift one night, called the “Don’t Throw Up Box.” It had tiny portions of lots of snacks, and a small can of Coke. He’s been nothing short of amazing. I can’t wait for this part to pass, so that we can enjoy you together. Right now, I spend most of my time dry-heaving or sleeping. I’m trying my best to stay pleasant though! According to some, more morning sickness means a healthier baby, and I wouldn’t mind that at all!

Here’s a picture of how we look right now…of course, it’s mostly bloat. But it’s fun to think about the baby bump becoming bigger.

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  1. For the past half hour I have been wandering around other spaces on your “letters to ames” links..gasp! what a whirlwind trip you lead girl grandchild!! You give meaning to my 1943 highschool graduating class of 1943 motto “hitch your wagon to a star” Sharing your life is like you know like hanging on to like you know like the tail end of you know like a rocket like a rocket like ZOOOOMMMING thru space like you know?…I love it! What a joy your life has alreay been. This fleshing out of a portion of the 12 segments of becoming a complete balanced adult human being by being a partner in the Creators business is not going to completely take my breath away but it does have me gasping for breath and grasping the rails. Ownward Rachael!! I’m delighted to be on board.

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