You know you’re a parent when…

You’re almost 8 months old, Ames Emmanuel!
Oh man! I’m absolutely crazy about you. Even more so then the day you were born. 
I remember staring at you early on, wondering when
you’d grow up enough for me to enjoy you. 
How awful does that sound? Well, the time has come! I enjoy you,
and you seem to enjoy me, too. 
You light up when I get home from work. 
You coo and cackle and show off your four teeth every chance you get. 
I am so impressed with how talented you are, too – crawling and pulling up already! 
We had to lower your crib a few weeks ago when we saw this after a nap:

This should make up for the fact that you are so stinkin’ tiny… 
Last time we checked, 
you were in the 2nd percentile for weight – peanut!
We’ve only been to the doctor one time… we went to a family practice. I had an annual exam, in order to qualify for a health insurance discount, and you had a well-baby visit. We’ve decided not to vaccinate you at this point, so doctor’s appointments are sort of overkill for us. But they weighed you and all that, and of course it made me paranoid. So no more weighing you for awhile! As long as you’re making wet diapers and loving life, I’m not going to worry.
But do me a favor – don’t grow up to be scrawny, okay?
Some “you know you’re a parent” tidbits I’ve come across these last few months:

I know I’m a momma because I feel more comfortable, more beautiful, more sophisticated, even more sexy – when you’re with me, Ames…I feel like I can’t hang with the twenty-somethings without kids!

Thank God for your daddy… He has done a fantastic job of making me feel desired. He’s also complimenting the way I look, as well as encouraging me with breastfeeding and other “mama duties.” He still changes your diaper after our morning nursing session (you’re sleeping 8+hours each night!) and I can hear him whispering sweet nothings as he carries you away from me. You are one loved baby, Ames. Don’t even get me started on your brothers… Lucas is going to make one fantastic father someday.
I know I’m a momma because my clothes are mostly jersey knit. This is something that must be fixed asap… too bad another part of “you know you’re a parent” comes in here – we’re taking Dave Ramsey’s class, Financial Peace University! It’s changed our lives and taught us so much about the importance of living responsibly. So, for now… the clothes can wait. T-shirts it is!
I know I’m a momma because I get excited over what I use to catch your poop. We’ve begun to really enjoy putting you in All-in-Two’s – where the insert is removed and a new one is put in, but the cover stays all day long! We particularly like the Flip system, as well as SoftBums.
I know I’m a momma because I’ve made friends ONLINE. I’ve been keeping up with Twitter, Facebook, and different blogs in order to meet other mamas and enter giveaways. So far, I’ve won quite a few free diapers, laundry detergent, and cloth wipes!
Your poppa calls me his lucky charm.
I’ve also gone to meet-ups in Charlotte that support cloth diapering, babywearing, breastfeeding, etc.
We’re just crunchin’ away!
I know I’m a momma because I only went to the ocean one time when we took you to the beach. I’d much rather lay out on the dock or play in the sound while you nap inside… no wonder my mom always stayed behind when we hit the surf! We spent a long weekend at the Mizpah house on Topsail Island. You and your brothers had a blast. The first night, we camped. You stayed up for hours in our tent – crawling around, squealing in delight, and pawing at our faces.

The most important life change: I know I’m a momma because I’m learning to relax.

I let Avery play a game on my iPhone the other day at a restaurant, for goodness’ sake!
Each moment I have with you guys is one to be cherished. 
I’m not going to let them slip away.

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  1. Hi! I noticed your comment on the “I <3 fluff" status on facebook about your blog and thought I'd check it out. I showed my husband the picture of your LO reaching for the diaper (so cute!) and he swore I had shown him that before though I was certain he was mistaken. Then I read you were in Charlotte and suddenly it all came together.... Austin has told me about you and how you cloth diaper your little girl and about your blog. Pretty funny that I found it via another route :) Thought I'd share my "its a small world" moment :)

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