wheels in his heels

Avery is the most fearless, life-loving kid we’ve ever known Sorry, Lucas. Sorry, Ames. But it’s true. He always tries to find a way to enjoy whatever he’s doing, and he never wants to quit once he’s enjoying it. Inclement weather, bloody injuries, lack of shoes… nothing can stop this boy from a good time. His older brother is quite proficient with his longboard, and Avery’s been doing his best to keep up. I’d knew he’d be absolutely thrilled to try something his brother doesn’t have, so I eagerly agreed to review a pair of Heely’s a few weeks ago.

I remember Heely’s from years gone by, but the 2012 fall look book took me by surprise. Remember those clunky white things that were banned from school once kids got the hang of them and started whizzing from class to class? Heely’s new look is varied and stylish. Each sneaker reminded me of a shoe someone might wear regardless of their desire to roll around or not. Check out the community for yourself, on Facebook and Twitter.

Avery chose a shoe called the “Override.” He wears them just as often without the wheels in them. They match most of his outfits, and he claims they’re quite comfortable. He’s still getting the hang of the skating part, but we hold him accountable and make him practice often. He loves a good challenge, and I think this tricktionary page might come in handy! All in all, we’re very pleased. Thanks, Heelys!