time to share your cyber-fame…

So the blog world is pretty insane, boy.

A lot of blogging mamas get to stay home full-time
(an arrangement of which I am occasionally jealous).
They get to take advantage of nap-times more often than I, but I’m tryin’ to keep up!

Anyway, we bloggers get online and talk about families, products, recipes, & all sorts of things.
Websites are devoted to picking “top mommy blogs.”
Conferences teach attendees how to write better posts & get more followers. Really!
I’d love to go to one someday. It’d be neat to meet some of the internet-friends I’ve made.
Is that nerdy? Oh well!

I’ve fallen for this big ol’ popularity contest!
It’s like middle school all over again. 
Except now we don’t have braces and we shave our legs – most of us, anyway.
By the way, shout out to my own mama, Becki… 
after a boy made fun of me, she let me shave the summer before 5th grade.
I cannot commit to blogging every day.
I can barely commit to showering every day!
But thanks to encouragement from friends and family, 
I am going to try and branch out with “Letters to Ames” a bit more.
I wanna see how things go, love. Is that cool with you?
Thought so. You’re so stinkin’ happy & laid-back.
On my list of things to add to this blog:
+ occasional product reviews & giveaways
+ more Kincaid family-oriented updates
+ websites & articles I enjoy
Big props to your Auntie Jess for sending me off in the right direction. Jessica Masanotti is a graphic designer, artist, PR rep, wife, dog owner, gardener, & aspiring mother. Her website’s name is actually a loving reference to her own awkward middle-school years!
She has a way with words, flowers, & paper 
that will make your heart sing. I am proud to call her one of my best friends, for over three years now.
I look forward to watching her launch her etsy site.
Even more so, I look forward to watching her become a mother. Read about her bittersweet conception journey here. Thanks, Jess, for all you do for me! I am not done harassing you, though, so thanks in advance for all of my blog-related issues I will rope you into!

Alright, Ames, enough for now. 
It’s funny how things come full circle.
I kept a journal here as a teen, another blog here as a young adult, and yet another here while I planned my wedding. Sheesh!
So…here we go again!