the twins are one month old!

at one month, the sisters are:

alert & strong.
Eyes stay open longer these days. they’re starting to look at us, though they still make the most hilarious cross-eyed faces on a regular basis. These girls hold their heads up for several seconds at at time. We’ve even caught them rolling tummy-to-back, after pushing off of each other. Impressive!

officially one bath’s worth of clean.
We tackled the job at the kitchen sink one afternoon. The whole process only took about twenty minutes, and neither sister seemed to mind the water! In fact, the sisters don’t seem to mind much of anything. 

loved by their brothers.

Ames still refuses to call me Momma. However, the kid randomly pointed to Isaiah the other day and shouted, “EYE-ZAY-ZAH!” Avery often mentions how cute they are, while still confessing his desire for them to be boys. I apologized to Lucas during a particular fussy afternoon because I worried they were disturbing his homework time. He said, “I don’t mind when they cry. It makes me feel warm. Like we’re a real family.” 

not the same person.
We’re having a fun & awkward time adjusting to this concept. One girl fusses in the moses basket, so Chris or I will wear her in a carrier and she’ll fall back asleep. Five minutes later, the other one fusses because her sister is no longer near. One is better at the breast, while the other finishes bottles faster. Bottle-feeding has become a household competition. Who has to feed the “slow one?” Also, one of them seems to be much more laid-back than the other. Imagine that – newborns actually have personalities?! Oh, and we’re able to tell them apart about 90% of the time now. What a relief!
I am excited (& a little proud) to have made it to one month with my sanity intact. We give the placenta pills lots of credit, but I’m consciously making an effort to be different this time. I’m soaking up the small moments, taking deep breaths, and getting through each day with grace – grace for myself, grace for the rest of my family, & grace for these tiny daughters.

6 thoughts on “the twins are one month old!”

  1. Finding differences in their personalities is the best! My boys aren’t identical but look totally alike. However, they act VERY different.

  2. YAY! I’m so happy for all you guys! I can’t even imagine all the work you guys have all got to put in everyday! good job :)

  3. i hope you told lucas that you are a ‘real’ family. bonus kid/mom relationships still constitute real family!

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