the tree night.

Decorating the house for Christmas is potentially stressful. Everyone wants the house to look nice, and we all love a good tradition. We are determined to conjure up some Christmas spirit at a moment’s notice. But if everyone isn’t in the perfect mood, holiday family evenings can easily turn into grump-fests! My family always made a joke of this and tried to maintain positive attitudes. Even when lights didn’t work and ornaments shattered and people grumbled, we forged ahead. God bless my mom for her Christmas cheer. Why do you think her grandma name is “Sunshine?”
Tonight, I tried to channel my mom and stay upbeat and loving. 
It didn’t work so well at times, but I’m still learnin’!
Apparently, Avery thought Daddy was kidding when he said, “There’d better be two cookies left for me after I hang these ornaments.” When Chris got to the table, Avery’s mouth was full of crumbs and a smile, and only one cookie remained. He was promptly sent to his room for a time out. Later, Chris hung a wreath on the front door, and one of the pups escaped. We only discovered this when we heard him scratching at the back door half an hour later. At the end of the evening, Chris wanted to take impromptu family photos in front of the newly-decorated tree, tripod and all. I pouted and fussed about how nobody looked nice enough, and how we should do it later in the week.
All is said and done now, though, and my family is snuggled up on the couch watching old Christmas cartoons. Eggnog has been drunk, cookies have been consumed (minus one…I totally made Avery spit out the stolen one – I’m such a Scrooge, huh?), and ornaments have been hung.

The Kincaids are ready for Christmas!
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