the sling diaries: fun

This is the sixth and final installment of a six-month series called the Sling Diaries, sponsored by Sakura Bloom. We were sent two three Sakura Bloom slings to review, in exchange for a collection of entries based on different themes each month. I’m excited & honored to be a part of this project! Stay up to date with all of the participating families on the Sling Diaries Pinterest page.

What a sweet journey this has been! I am grateful for the opportunity to participate in the Sling Diaries.. This project really challenged me to better document our family adventures, both with photos and with words. I plan to develop some of these photos and eventually share this project with our kids.
Chris & I recently took Ames on a date – his first ever, I think?! It’s easy to get alone time with the big boys, but the little ones seem to constantly be lumped into a bundle. I hope to be more intentional about solo kid dates in the future. On this evening, we took Ames to a castle in our neighborhood (long story.) We drive by it almost everyday, but we’d never stopped to explore. Ames was so excited to see it up close! We also got to try out our newest sling, a sweet summer surprise by the folks at Sakura Bloom.

I knew a long time ago that this submission would involve our anchor, our new middlest. Ames Emmanuel. This boy rarely receives a compliment that doesn’t include the word fun. He attacks life with wide-open joy. It’s obvious and contagious to all that encounter him. One of my favorite things about the kid is his desire to drag others into his world. To watch him discover something and hear, “Oh my goodness! Look!” is to catch a little glimpse of heaven. 

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  1. Aw, I miss wearing my “big girl” in the sling. She talks me into it every once in a while but she’s 4.5 and it’s short-lived. So nice you had this time with Ames all by himself. I’m trying to make this happen regularly with my daughter and I too. Loved keeping up with your posts and discovering your blog through the project! :)

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