the big boys’ new wonderland

The big boys are getting older and less into the idea of sharing their space. Interestingly enough, they have no problem when it involves wrestling. Late last year, though, Lucas announced that he was over bunk beds. We told him that eventually, we’d redo their room completely. In the meantime, we dropped their bunks into twin beds. While this created some boundaries satisfactory for Lucas, it seriously cut into their play space. The boys & I began to dream and save up for new beds. We put all of our loose change and extra dollar bills into a jar in their room. Lucas made Lego models to show me exactly what he wanted (it basically looked like a cage & coffin in one, and I vetoed that very quickly). 
When Chris got involved, though, he decided he’d just make the beds himself. I showed him several sites I’d come across, like this and this. But inevitably, he drew up his own plans and went to work. We put the money we’d saved towards new furnishings instead. Within a week, the boys had their very own spa oasis treehouse (the theme I kept repeating over and over as we designed and purchased and decorated). It creates the exact vibe we were looking for… I’m blogging this from their new room while they’re at school, if that tells you anything. It’s still got a ways to go, here’s what it looks like today!
Chris built the beds from lumber, whitewashed them with paint, and hung them from studs in the wall and the ceiling. We are in the market for an old ladder to install on the wall. They’re using a stepladder to get up there in the meantime!
We chose neutral fabrics for the linens and bright colors & prints for the accents. I wanted the boys’ bedding to match, but the accessories to reflect their own personalities. Each son chose how to lay his own bedding, too… Lucas wanted his comforter backwards, so that the flowers “crawl like vines” down his bed.
The workspace under each bed is one of my favorite parts of the room. The desks fold up against the wall, which allows for less clutter and more play area. The chairs and shelves create a personal library for each boy. Of course, Lucas couldn’t wait to stock his space with his coin collection and other secret treasures. 
One of the things for which the boys kept asking was bed curtains. They basically wanted to live in a fort. We hung netted curtains on a piece of twine. I think it keeps things light & airy, while giving them privacy when they want it. 

Chris hung the rumpled paper lantern and the boys’ new laundry basket with unfinished pieces of lumber. I love the rough, boyish details he added to the room!
We’ve always had maps hanging in their room. To frame them out for this makeover, we bought some chair railing and painted black. Chris also hung lanterns from twine, to add to the treehouse feel. I’m going to pick up some of those flameless votive candles for those at some point.
Zephaniah 3:17 is the life verse we’ve chosen for our children. Thanks to Naptime Diaries, each one has a copy in “their” color. We presented them to the kids at their dedication in May. For the room makeover, we hung these in a spot for the boys to see every time they walk into the room.
I am so excited about this and proud of my husband’s hard work. The boys have waited patiently for so long, and I am thankful to finally be able to provide them with a bedroom they love.

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  1. That is such an awesome room! I love the silver lanterns. I want to use this as inspiration for my oldest’s room. The treehouse idea would be perfect for a Tinkerbell room. :)

    Great job!

  2. This is the best little boys room I’ve seen! What a wonderful idea for the loft beds! I wish I had a room like this growing up! Great job!

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