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I am so thankful to be the permanent dinner companion to a man who thinks like me. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! While we love trying different foods and are always up for a new restaurant, we tend to find ourselves at the same restaurant for each & every date night – RuSan’s! I could probably eat sushi every day for the rest of my life and never get tired of it.

I always order the same two things – a cucumber salad & a roll called, “America Re-Rising.” The salad is a mixture of cucumber, crabmeat, sesame seeds, and some type of magic sauce. I have been known to drink the dressing, even after the cucumber is gone. My beloved sushi roll consists of sea bass, cucumber, and carrot. It’s wrapped in macadamia nuts, flash-fried, and set up like a tower on a rice ball wrapped in seaweed paper. Beneath it lies a delicious flag, made up of different sauces.

This photo is three years old, taken on my twenty-second birthday.
I’ve loved RuSan’s Ameria Re-Rising since high school!


My son is named after my grandfather, Kenneth Ames.

A French version of the biblical Amos, it means friend. Ames is a popular last name up in the New England area, which is where that side of my family originates.

[Side note: I’ve got a genealogy tree, thanks to my grandfather, with families dating back to the Plymouth Rock & Mayflower!]

Ames is pronounced just like “James,” without the J. People often mispronounce it for “Amos,” an issue I never anticipated but do not mind.

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  1. I was just browsing through your blog and am excited–are you in Charlotte?! Rusan’s is our favorite restaurant too! (I love the twice baked smoked salmon maki–I think it’s number 51)

    Cute blog–good luck on hanging in there with these last few weeks of baby baking!

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