online window shopping…

This morning, I busted out Lucas’ winter gloves for my morning errands.
It was chilly outside! However, I kept having to remove one randomly.
It was hard to use my iPhone, hold a drink, etc.
Okay, maybe I sound like a diva. Whatevs, it was my day off!
I spent half the morning with my thumbs hanging out.
Definitely NOT diva behavior.
Currently, Chris is at band practice.
All three boys are tucked away in their beds upstairs.
I already cleaned the kitchen, scrubbed my face, and curled up on the couch.
I’d planned on painting my nails & watching my new guilty pleasure on Netflix.
[I’ve never gotten into any of the medical shows before.
This is total trash. What’s my deal?]
Anyway, I sat down to paint my nails & couldn’t get the stinkin’ bottle open!
Where is my man when I need him?
Alas, no mani for mommy this evening.
So I decided to hop online & pretend shop,
specifically to address the two aforementioned issues.
I’ve been wearing blacks, browns, & purples for years. 
I even went through a navy blue phase right after I got married.
[Why do I sound like a frequent flyer? I probably paint my nails twice a year.]
Anyway, this winter I think I’d like to hop on the gray polish bandwagon.
And of course, the cute convertible mittens have been on the scene for awhile.
I used to cut the fingers off of my gloves. 
That was when I wore band hoodies & jean jackets.
I’m not sure what kind I’d like to have now. 
Obviously, the thumb has to be removable.
A girl must be able text & maneuver the interweb on her phone unhindered!

In addition to today, I have another glorious day off tomorrow.
Maybe I can convince the hubs to let me do a little shopping in real life.
Until then, I’ll be wearing my son’s gloves 
& man-handling this dried-up bottle of polish.

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4 thoughts on “online window shopping…”

  1. Never thought about grey polish before! I must say I like it. I also cannot wait for my son/daughter to be old enough for me to borrow things!!

  2. there are actually gloves that have special thumb tips that allow it to work with iPhones/Pods/etc! i had to get a pair last winter for running. they are nto as cute as the mittens you posted, but they work pretty well. i found my pair at target.

    love reading your posts, btw :)

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