let’s talk about amber again + a 25% discount!!

Ames Emmanuel, age one

Recently, several of y’all have asked about the necklaces my kids wear. I guess it’s been a couple of years since I’ve written about the magic amber necklace! The amber jewelry phenomenon originated in Europe, where people have been using it for medicinal purposes for hundreds of years. Baltic amber releases succinic acid when warmed against the skin. I compare it to a safe version of Icy Hot. It’s been known to relieve aches & pains, skin rashes, migraines, arthritis, compromised immune systems, and even mood instability. Despite the understandable skepticism, adults and kids all over the world can vouch for its effects. 

Placebo or not, the Kincaid Parade is sold! Everyone in my family has worn an amber necklace at some time or another. My husband currently wears two baby necklaces fastened together, only because we were too lazy to buy an adult-sized one. We bought our first piece of amber when Ames was four months old, at the beginning of the teething process. We took it off each time he slept, until the night he screamed for hours. After the nursing and the teething tablets and the rocking, I put the necklace on him. He slept until morning without waking.

For those worried about the potential choking hazard, you can wrap it around your little one’s ankle at night. That’s what we did with the sisters. They started wearing their amber as soon as the hospital bands fell off, at two weeks of age. If you were around the blog then, you might remember that I wrote down which ankle I used with each twin – it helped us keep them apart, in addition to the Sharpie dot! Between the two of them, we’re somewhere around eighteen teeth in, and we have yet to wake up with a fussy baby. Recently we marveled at the idea that we’ve barely noticed they’re teething. One of the sisters tried to chew on my hand the other day, and I reached back and felt all four molars!

We’re a low-maintenance amber family. You’ll find mixed opinions on what works best, how to care for the jewelry, when to remove it, etc. The only things I can relay with confidence are what works for us. The lighter colors are supposedly more potent, but I haven’t a noticed a difference. I only take off my kids’ amber when they swim in chlorinated pools. My family even bathes in our necklaces, since we use pretty bare-bones soap products. We rarely clean them, but I’ve found the easiest solution to be wiping them down with a warm rag and rolling them dry in a towel.

I appreciate the way the beads are strung, in that each one is individually double-knotted onto the string.  This allows the jewelry to break with enough force, without shooting beads everywhere and encouraging children to swallow them or stick them up their sweet noses. So far, I haven’t found a company that doesn’t make their jewelry this way.

I’ve purchased amber from several different dealers over the years, and I’ve been pleased with most of them. Inspired by Finn is one of the largest and most reputable distributors. They offer a wide selection and excellent customer service. I appreciate their fast communication and their participation in frequent sales for budget-conscious families like mine.

Which brings me to a special announcement… a Kincaid Parade discount! For the next two weeks, y’all can enjoy 25% at Inspired By Finn! Simply use RBK25 when checking out.

The discount mentioned above is part of a co-op program. If enough sales are made using this discount, I’ll receive a free piece of amber. The thing is, I don’t need any at this point. I’m just happy with the chance to offer y’all a discount, as this natural-living stuff can get expensive rather quickly!

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